Music Monday #1

For the month of February, I am posting a prompt of sorts, with a different theme each day.

Monday is Musical Monday.

Your challenge is to take a song title and use it as inspiration to tell a story, poem, or whatever you like.

This prompt will change slightly each week to fit around the day’s theme.

My contribution:

Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are

Julie couldn’t hit the side of a barn if it was painted bright pink with yellow, white, and purple polka dots–horrible for sports, great for driver’s education. That only counted in driving, however, if she was driving forward; reverse was a different story. There wasn’t a hay bale, trash can, or fence post that didn’t quake when she slammed her driver’s side door.

News reports broke into the high school sports recap, Grandma’s prime-time soap, and even Grandpa’s church sing-along on Channel 62.

Grandma dropped her knitting, Grandpa grabbed his Bible, Mom screamed and snatched Henry out of his playpen, and Dad yelled, “Julie, you’re driving!”

Julie leaped off her bed, ran downstairs, and barely caught the car keys as Dad threw them at her. “Dad? What’s going–“

“No time to explain,” he said, grabbing his double-barrel from the closet and loading it. “Just get in the car.”

Everyone ran to the car and Dad ordered her to drive straight to Route 3 and turn toward town.

“Okay, but what’s going on?” Tears trickled down her face.

Grandma and Grandpa were praying in the backseat next to Mom, who looked like she was about ready to lose her mind.

Once Julie reached the outskirts of town, she understood.

“STOP!” Dad screamed. “Turn the car around. Drive in reverse. I’ll tell ya when to turn and which direction.” He rolled down his window, climbed partially out, and sat in the window opening. Mom and Grandma clung onto his feet with everything they had. “I’ll get the ones you don’t get when we pass.”

Julie shook her head, but did what she was told. Soon, the body count was rising and cheers erupted from the town.

From then on, anytime a zombie hoard tried to invade their town, they called for Julie to drive through town.

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